PID Agency is a company that has been operating for over 30 years to promote design locally, nationally and internationally from Montreal UNESCO City of Design. Its principal activities are SIDIM – Design Show, the INTÉRIEURS magazine, the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN awards, and the DESIGN & THE CITY guide.

The management team is led by Ginette Gadoury and Brigitte who have extensive experience in the promotion of design, in the organization of exhibitions, in magazine publishing and also in the organization of missions and contests. Ginette Gadoury is also the instigator of the first design magazine in Quebec, Décormag which was created in 1972. The main mission of the company is the development and promotion of the design industry, specifically the industrial design, interior and architecture, and related industries related to the built environment. Through its various products, the company has the most complete and comprehensive databank of the industry in Quebec. In addition the team has shown in the past its competence and talent to organize major events and deal with international stakeholders, whether governments, companies and journalists.




Ginette Gadoury studied interior design at the Institute of Applied Arts and in Entrepreneurship at HEC. Then in 1967 she opened a design consultancy firm, in 1970 she joined the firm Histart architects.


Creation of Décormag by Ginette Gadoury, Quebec’s first magazine devoted to interior design, the beginning of the magazine industry in Quebec.


Picard report; Report on the development areas of the city of Montreal. Ginette Gadoury is a consultant for the study in design. The design is considered as one of six areas of development of the city of Montreal.


Creation of the Médiathèque du Design and PID Agency (productions interface design).


Brigitte Gadoury joins the company. Creation of SIDIM – Design Show. SIDIM is then positioned as an international event VS IIDEX (Show in Toronto) which was positioned as the National Salon (across Canada).


Creation of INTÉRIEURS, a prestigious magazine of international calibre that plays an important role in promoting design and the international influence of Montreal.


Beginning of the international development program of the Médiathèque du Design and partnership with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy, MAMROT.


Montreal was appointed a UNESCO City of Design and Mayor Gérald Tremblay in his speech and in his statement stressed the importance of the SIDIM and Ginette Gadoury in getting the nomination. The INTÉRIEURS becomes bilingual and is distributed in specialized kiosks alongside other international magazines, Quebec, Toronto and New York.


Creation of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN awards.


Creation of the design guide INTÉRIEURS EN VILLE.


Study by Group SECOR, funded by MAMROT and MDEIE which, in the positioning of SIDIM, demonstrates the importance of international expansion and the development of private and government partnerships.




25th anniversary of SIDIM. SIDIM is the only Design Exhibition in Canada under Canadian ownership.


Creation of the DESIGN & THE CITY guide.